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Das Tropenmuseum (deutsch Tropenmuseum) ist ein Völkerkundemuseum in Amsterdam in den Niederlanden. Es ist eines der größten Museen in Amsterdam.

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  • Before visiting this museum, I've read a couple of reviews, which tend to be quite positive, but now I now that this museum is not, what I expect a popular museum to be. Without any doubt the topic is interesting. But the exposition isn't well structured it all. I wouldn't recommend this museum to families, because in the main exposition you have to read a lot and the explanation are written in Dutch and in high-class English, which makes it quite hard to visitors from foreign countries or even for kids. The audio-guides don't help you either, even though they are available in other languages, because the only give some facts about a few (like 15 in the whole museum?) paintings and statues and doesn't really guide you through the building like they are supposed to do. Which is the main problem of the museum: Most of it looks like a depot. But on the other hand are some points I have to mention as well: The expositions about Jazz and Blues, and the parts about India and Africa are way better structured than the other parts and the most important advantage: The information is transferred more lively through movies and so on. All in all the museum isn't worth it's money, because it like a depot to objects of former times, which do not draw a line between history and present
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  • This museum is INCREDIBLE and I wish more people would go there. It covers Dutch colonial history and they often have amazing exhibits on different parts of the "tropical world". Just a bit out of town, though.
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