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Heimat des berühmten Komodowaran

Der Nationalpark Komodo (indonesisch Taman Nasional Komodo) befindet sich in Indonesien, im Bereich der Kleinen Sunda-Inseln im Grenzgebiet der Provinzen Ost-Nusa Tenggara und West-Nusa Tenggara.

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  • Komodo National Park is THE place to visit. Yes, there are Komodo Dragons and yes - you can get up close to them. But the park is also part of the Coral Triangle - the richest concentration of marine life in the world. Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking are all things that should not be missed
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  • Flores and surroundings (Komodo and Rinca islands among others) are like the hidden paradise! There you can do many things: You can visit the famous Komodo Dragon, a lake in 3 beautiful colors, a cave with an ancient fish and a turtle stone, snorkelling in pink sand beaches (it's cathegorised as one of the best places in the world to do snorkelling and diving because of the huge amount of corals and tropical fishes)... Recommended GUIDE for this region: Mr. Arie Daru (after my experience, he's a very good professional and has always many guests, so if you feel interested, better writing to him asap to book him for your planned trip..)
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