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  • Wo:Stadt in Bukarest und Walachei
  • Einwohnerzahl:1883425
  • Fläche:228 km²
  • Zeitzone:GMT + 02:00
  • Sprachen:Rumänisch
  • Telefonvorwahl:+40 02
  • Website:
  • andere Namen:Bukarest - Reiseführer Informationen unter
  • Name in Landessprache:București

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erstellt von philipp vor ein paar Jahren

Es hängt vom Blickwinkel ab: Für die einen ist es das "Paris des Ostens", für die anderen das "Moskau des Westens". In jedem Fall sind in...

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  • Parlamentspalast

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    Der Größenwahn eines Diktators. Der größte Regierunspalast der Welt ist ein Paradebeispiel für sch...

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  • Paris of the East? Forget it. The City has no Charm, but People are friendly and helpful. Go Out to Old Centre and visit the Modjo Club and the great House Band there. Eat a Stake at OSHO or have a Good and cheap pizza at capriciosa (baneasa).
    vor ein paar Jahren Missbrauch melden
  • Didn't expect to, but found this a wonderfull city if you like going out. For eating you've got to have been to Cara cu Bere. The old centre has many pubs and parties and I found the people to be friendly and accepting. Hotel Berthelot is worth a recommendation also, stay away from the hotel bar though - you need to visit the old centre :)
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  • vor ein paar Jahren Missbrauch melden
  • you always here about how run down and uninteresting bukarest is. but in the end if you go with a open mind and try to understand the history of the city its actually a very fascinating city to visit. from the communist style living blocks, to the wide army style streets to the thousands of electrical cables flying around; its simply a great experience!
    vor ein paar Jahren Missbrauch melden
  • I stayed for over a week on business and liked the hotel and its staff. It was fantastic because I found in the room an ad for VIP Obsession Erotic Massage parlor. I called and in just 40 minutes a delightful lady visited my room. Fantastic service. And absolute sexy ... Lying fully nude and her naked body crawling all over me... It did not feel like sex. I did not want sex... i just was relaxing you know. Al my stress came out.I felt completely relaxed for days after that evening. Excellence expected, and received it.
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