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Straßburg ist eine Stadt zwischen den Kulturen: nicht ganz Frankreich aber auch nicht wirklich Deutschland, ein Stück hektisches Europa i...

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  • Straßburger Münster

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    Das Liebfrauenmünster zu Straßburg (französisch Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg) ist ein römi...

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  • Hello ! I introduce myself, I'm Nyoshi and made a 3 min movie about Strasbourg, France : It is for a contest to win a round the world trip ! If you liked, please vote for me by sharing on the proposed social networks (on the right).
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  • several towns around Strasbourg keep its German names. Once arrived in Strasbourg you realize that the main language used is French and the name of the streets are bilingual ( French / German).Honestly I knew there was the European Parlament there (I'm a supporter of European Union), but the main reason of this visit was the Grand Ile, the historic centre of Strasbourg that is part of the list of Unesco sites.Parked the car in Place Kleber, I found immediately a touristic centre where I bought a map of the city for 1 euro, in order to find the landmarks of the Grand Ile.The reason why the Grande Ile ( or Big Island) has been added to the list of Unesco sites is the following: it "has an outstanding complex of monuments within a fairly small area. The cathedral, the four ancient churches and the Palais Rohan form a district that is characteristic of a medieval town". Font - World Heritage List siteSo the first destination was the big Cathedral of Notre Dame, an incredible example of Gothic architecture, built between the 13th and the 15th Century, with its 142 meters tower that dominates the entire city.It was really hard to find a place where to take a decent picture with this huge cathedral, but in the end it was really worth. This is what you see when you are in front of the main entrance and you look up:The ticket to visit the cathedral is about 4 Euros and if you want with 5 Euros you can buy a separate ticket to go at 66 meters high to have a great panoramic view. Inside, you realize about the spaces of the cathedral, superb stained glass windows ( 13th - 14th Century), statues, the pillar of angels and its main attraction, the Astronomic Clock.The connection with the one seen in Prague was immediate with little 12;30 the Death tolls the bell and the disciples come to Jesuswhile the cock was singing three times.The visit to the cathedral did not come to an end, as I decided to enjoy the panoramic view of Strasbourg. There are no lifts and it's better if you are a bit trained to reach the belvedere area. I tried to recognize the Petit France, but the view of the historic centre was really nice.If you feel dizzy, please note that there are many opened windows so it would be not safe for you to reach this "terrace"...If you want to read more and see beautiful pics, please click here:
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  • wunderschöne stadt
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  • 47 Etats membres du CdE
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  • C'est ici que tout se passe!
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  • tres bien
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  • Ville magnifique, à vivre au gré du temps, flâner... A voir, le quartier de la Petite France, la Cathédrale, le Kammerzell, ...
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