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  • Capri is sunshine and flowers and bright colors, and everything I had hoped for and imagined. I LOVED it !! As the first spot we visited on our trip along the coast of Italy and France, it remains one of my most favorite places. I know I must go back to this whole region and stay a couple of weeks just soaking up the sun and happiness that seems indemic here. Capri should be savored in leasure...stroll the lanes and small squares and wander into all the shops (be sure to go into The Sea Gull near the top of the funicular, for lovely iconic Capri, lemon-themed ceramics, among other quality souvenirs, at very reasonable prices), restaurants, and small hotels that beacon you...smell the gorgeous, colorful flowers, visit the perfumery, ride the funicular from the waterfront up to the main village, and take a van or taxi to the upper town where you can ride a chair lift to the top of the island, for the incredible views (be sure to get a round trip ticket, as there is no other way back except for a LONG, rather treacherous, STEEP trail. NOTE: After the van ride to upper Capri town, the chair lift is a piece of cake, not nearly so high or scary...... definitely peaceful and serene... BUT you WILL have to be rather nimble, to essentially JUMP into the chair as you take off, and out of it at the end.They are single passenger chairs, and exactly like ski lifts.Capri's lower town, in the Via Marina area, is one of the better "tourist" sections I've encountered in my travels: some nice smallish shops with tourist items, the BEST gelato ever !!(try the coconut flavor), several tour operators of course, vying for your business, and a funicular to take you up to the next level and main part of Capri town. You may be jostled around and somewhat batted about when the cars arrive, as there are ALLOT of tourists waiting and jockeying for position at the bottom (EVEN IN MAY). Obviously, there are some people among the travelling public who have never learned how to line-up patiently and wait their turn. There is NO ONE to guide you to the is a mad stampeed for seats, and most are forced to stand as they ride up the hill...luckily it isn't a very long trip, but be fore-warned, this form of travel on Capri may not be for the elderly or infirm among your party.
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