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Bei Regen in den RegenwaldNieselwetter in San Francisco? Dann durchstreifen Sie doch den Regenwald der California Academy of Sciences: ...

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  • Matsuhisa Restaurant - video by ABEMADI restaurants guide [01:01]


  • California [00:24]

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  • Nice for driving around to see how some of LA's rich and fancy live. Don't really expect to spot any celeb bringing out the trash here, but walk around Rodeo drive and you might have more luck in this area of expensive shopping streets.
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  • When I was at UCLA I had to commute via Beverly Hills/Bel Air every single day. I don't want to say it was a pain in the ass seeing all those fance Range Rovers, but I must admit people living there, the cars they drive and the houses, or palaces they own, kind of lets me envy them. However try to grab a 1$ so-called "star map" from some of the guys sitting on the street, rent a car and spend some hours driving through bel air and beverly hills.It's not only way more fun, more importantly it saves you around 50 bucks if you were going with one of those official "star tours"
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