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An Ancient Capital with a Modern Flair

There are many theories as to where the capital and economic center of Iran found its name, but the most likely explanation has to do with Tehranís geographic location. In Farsi, the word means ìat the foot of the slope,î which beautifully describes the cityís place at the foot of the formidable Alborz Mountains. These peaks offer plenty of opportunity to enjoy some of western Asiaís best skiing and hiking trails, but there is no shortage of man-made scenery to keep urbanites occupied as well. Those who come for a glimpse of the regionís ancient history will enjoy Tehranís many archeological sites, including Cheshme Ali Teppe, Shoghali Teppe, and the temple of Bahramgur, a Sassanid king whose legendary exploits have captured the imagination of Persian artists and historians for centuries. Within the city limits, visitors will enjoy the many pedestrian-friendly zones, Síad-Abad Park, and the sprawling Grand Bazaar.

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