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Turin is the capital city of the Piedmont region and offers many attractions and a lot of art and culture. The National Museum of the Cinema, located inside Mole Antonelliana (symbol of the city) and the Egyptian Museum are some of the most popular attractions. The Egyptian Museum is visited every year by thousands of art lovers and it is also home to what is regarded as one of the largest collections of Egyptian antiquities outside of Egypt. Turin, between 1861 and 1864, was considered the capital of the newly proclaimed United Italy. If you wander through the city you can see the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy like Valentino, Agilè and Racconigi Castles, which were declared in 1997 a World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.
Turin isn't only known for its beautiful monuments, but also for its nightlife which is centered around the 18 km (12 miles) of porches located through the all town. They were built in the beginning of 17th century. While you wander around Turin, perhaps eating the typical Gianduiotti, you can have a look at the Po river, which is the longest river in Italy. The water is beautiful, especially when the city lights reflect beautiful colors in it. Don’t forget to visit the Royal Palace, the ancient Home of the Kings, and Valentino Park which are all located in Medieval buildings. Lying amongst the hills which overlook the city is the Basilica church of Superga, providing a view of Turin against a backdrop of the snow-capped Alps. To complete your tour of Turin take a look at the amazing architecture of the Cit Turin quarter.

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  • via s acostino
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  • :)
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  • insieme alla sardegna è. la mia città preferita. è. bellissima ha tanto verde e tanta cultura da offrire a chi la vuole conoscere.. proprio da vedere nella vita
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  • città per anni sottovalutata, dalle olimpiadi invernali 2006 finalmente apprezzata come merita
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  • It's a beautiful city
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  • 都灵的电影博物馆令人印象深刻!神马耶稣裹尸布、神马埃及博物馆、神马尤文图斯、神马菲亚特汽车城。。。都是浮云
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  • A beautiful city with great atmosphere and the perfect mix of historic look
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