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An old city with an exotic history.

If you’re looking for rest and recuperation, then you should probably avoid Cairo. Unless, that is, around-the-clock noise, constant honking, and streets jammed with people tend to put you to sleep. But if you are thrilled by Egyptology, then there’s no better place to be. A week spent at the Egyptian Museum – you really could spend a week there – will unveil the incredible treasures they found when Tutankhamun’s burial place was uncovered in Luxor. And that’s just for starters. If shopping’s your thing, then head to Khan el-Khalili souk, where you will find spices, gold, silver, leatherware, and ceramics. Street markets also flourish, from Wekala al-Balaq for fabrics to Mohammed Ali Street for musical instruments. Hotels cover the entire gamut, from five stars to the bottom of the barrel, so plan your stay ahead of time. Black-and-white taxis abound, but be prepared to haggle on the price, or just follow the locals and take the Metro. And if you’ve come this far, you can’t say no to the Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx, now can you?

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  • ich liebe kairo
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • i want to come to cairo
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Egypt is my home land .. Cairo or El Qahira means Conqueror كم ظالما قد مر بي وما أزال القاهرة
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Excellent
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • i miss cairo so much
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • "I would like to warn everyone about booking with "MIN-TRAVEL" in Egypt. We planned several parts of our trip with them, only to find that they use guides who are unscrupulous and lie about access to historical sites. When this was brought to the attention of the partner, Mr. Emad Azmy, he would in no way accept responsibility and make amends".
    about a decade ago report abuse
  • yes , i,m egyption
    about a decade ago report abuse

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