Dive Sites (Sumilon Island) edit

200 Pesos diving fee per day are collected on Sumilon Island. Cameras are charged extra. Beach front: The beach front dive site is a really nice drift dive where sharks can often be seen. But even without sharks this dive site is just great. Just watch all the nice things pass by while you are drifting. Light house: Great corals, lots of fish, sharks, cuttlefish and much more. Most of the time there is a pretty strong current at this dive site. Make sure you change direction - back to the shore - in time. Otherwise the current will take you far out in the ocean. Marine sanctuary: This is a very nice wall dive with amazing corals, especially at the end of the dive where emerging corals are just everywhere. At around 5 meters (16,4 feet) corals form a huge, colorful carpet. But also before you arrive at this point this dive site has a lot to offer. You can find plenty of nudibranches as well as lion fish close to the wall. Blue spotted sting rays have been sighted there as well and of course you get to see plenty of fish. If you are in the area you really should not miss out on a dive or two on Sumilon Island. It will be an unforgettable experience.

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