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Whether for a quick tour, glamorous honeymoon or lengthy study abroad, a stint in Europe is a must for everyone. A perfect blend of old world with the newest of new, travelers will find any atmosphere they desire. From the monuments of ancient Rome that still stand strong in southern Italy, to the famed Eiffel Tower of Paris or the windmills of the Netherlands, Europe’s architecture tells its own stories. A stroll through old cities of Vienna, Prague or Venice might as well be an art history class that one can touch, taste, and hear. From the Alps to the jeweled Mediterranean, there are so many worlds to experience in one small continent – try and see them all. Below are the not to miss locations in Europe - voted and ranked by the tripwolf community. Be influential and vote for your favorite European destinations!

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  • Barcelona

    594 votes

    in Spain

    Spain’s heaven of the outré. Barcelona is Spain’s misfit child. Your first taste of this sun-baked...

  • Paris

    533 votes

    in North France, France

    A world city that merits the hype. All of the exalted babble about the "city of lights" can be eno...

  • London

    521 votes

    in England

    Go for the History, Stay for the Modernity. It’s hard to pin down exactly what makes London so mag...

  • Vienna

    490 votes

    in Austria

    Sophisticated culture and a sportsman's paradise, all in one city. Although Vienna is unquestionab...

  • Rome

    451 votes

    in Italy

    Empire’s Worth of History, Food, Civilization, and Catholicism. Italy’s capital is enormous, somet...

  • Berlin

    437 votes

    in Germany

    The most challenging city you’ll ever love. While the name Berlin might still carry echoes of its ...

  • Amsterdam

    319 votes

    in The Netherlands

    Bicycles, waterways and bohemians. Europe’s "sin city" is more than advertised. Sure, the hash bar...

  • Hamburg

    281 votes

    in Germany

    The cool city with the polar bear factor. Port city and media capital, domicile for the upper clas...

  • Munich

    259 votes

    in Germany

    Where Germany becomes Mediterranean. The Bavarian capital has more to offer than Oktoberfest and n...

  • Venice

    257 votes

    in Italy

    Floods of Romance. The mere mention of Venice immediately conjures romantic images: quaint scenes ...



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