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Asia - the word itself is loaded intrigue and mystery. This continent draws travelers to its diverse cultures, and unmatched sights. Temples dedicated to any number of deities, built tens, hundreds of even thousands of years ago invite visitors to contemplate their mysteries. Travel along the ancient Silk Road in China, or find adventure along the Mekong River in Thailand, whatever your speed, you'll find it in Asia. Don't forget that Asia is also the land of innovation and invention. A trip to Hong Kong or Tokyo may make you rethink who is actually living in a developing country! Asia's allure even draws some tourists to become permanent ex-pats - so beware of falling in love with this amazing corner of the world.

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  • Bangkok

    174 votes

    in Thailand

    An unusual metropolis full of hidden gems. Abandon the throng of glassy-eyed farang watching “The ...

  • Tokyo

    112 votes

    in Japan

    Explore Japan's Mysterious Metropolis. If you take the elevator to the top of the Shinjuku Metropo...

  • Bali

    99 votes

    in Indonesia

    An island full of beaches, temples and backpackers. Bali has long been a destination of choice for...

  • Hong Kong

    97 votes

    in China

    Modern, Vibrant and Cosmopolitan - The New York of the East might even feel more authentic than t...

  • Thailand

    76 votes


    The South East Asian marvel that steals every heart. For several good reasons, Thailand has become...

  • India

    69 votes


    Come for the curry, stay for the celebration!. India’s rich life philosophies and religious tradit...

  • Hanoi

    64 votes

    in Vietnam

    Hanoi (UK: , US: ; Vietnamese: Hà Nội [hàː nôjˀ] (listen)) is Vietnam's capital and second larges...

  • Beijing

    61 votes

    in China

    Gateway to China’s Cultural Past . While Shanghai and Hong Kong compete for the right to be called...

  • Shanghai

    60 votes

    in China

    This former colonial city of 18 million people is now home to one of the world’s greatest concent...

  • Singapore

    52 votes

    in Singapore

    It would be easy to think that Singapore has one thing on its mind: money, and how to make more o...



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