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Bangladesh - A new country with an ancient history.

A country of change and rebirth, Bangladesh is an interesting and dynamic country constantly undergoing renovation. The population is mostly Muslim, but it was actually a part of West Bengal in northern India, so the people speak Bengali. Because of its often unstable political conditions, it’s more appealing to experienced travelers. Bangladesh is a fairly new country, only separated from India in 1955. At that time it was called East Pakistan, and in 1971 Bangladesh finally secured its independence. The country may be new, but the land has been inhabited for thousands of years. Bangladesh is a colorful country full of celebration and spirituality due to its rich Islamic and Buddhist history. Ancient mosques and monasteries riddle the countryside. Bangladesh is relatively safe, aside from the usual pickpockets that exist nearly anywhere. There are a lot of opportunities for foreigners to teach English, and many take advantage of them. The hospitality is good and accommodation cheap, but not many people speak English, so to have proper communication you have to go to a modern hotel. One of the most important tourist sites is the Mainimati Ruins, a testament to Bangladesh’s rich Buddhist history. Sundarbans National Park is a beautiful natural attraction and an important ecological site, home to endangered tigers and the largest mangrove belt in the world.

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  • The Sundarbans

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    National park
    in Bangladesh

    The Sundarbans mangrove forest, one of the largest such forests in the world (140,000 ha), lies o...

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  • It Was Separeted From British 14th, August 1947 East Pakistan and Now Bangladesh From 26th March,1971.
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