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South France's seaside stunner

It's a demanding climb to Le Château, a ruined castle that perches on a cliff high above Nice proper, but the view is more than worth it. Seen from such heights, the Mediterranean is a shimmering riot of blue, its lacy, frothed edges lapping against the shore, while the rooftops below spread over the land to form an irregular earth-toned mosaic. Nice is one of France's largest cities, but it's easy to find quiet streets with a distinctly old-world feel. The fabulous flower markets and colorful plazas whet your appetite for the fantastic orgy of color you'll discover in the Chagall museum or etched in glossy detail across the onion domes of the Russian cathedral. This is a café city, best taken in during long strolls and leisurely meals of seafood and wine. Around most corners you'll discover a picturesque scene, but those glimmering azure waters are Nice's big show. Join the families pacing the promenade or the old men relaxing in the salty air after a game of boules. Lounge atop the pebbly beach, and indulge in some of France's best people-watching. Nice is the place to go if you are seeking beauty, romance, and a distinctly Mediterranean charm. Pack the camera, and prepare to be totally won over.

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Nice has been the favored destination of the international elite for a long time, associated with glamor and celebrity. However, this gem...

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  • Promenade des Anglais

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    The Promenade des Anglais (French pronunciation: ​[pʁɔm.nad de.z‿ɑ̃ɡlɛ]; Niçard: Camin dei Anglés...

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  • Nice, superbe ville, et région magnifique.. j'y suis née et j'y ai vécu toute ma vie, et en ayant beaucoup voyagé, j'y reviens cependant toujours!
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  • Cette ville est sans doute une des plus belles de France. je conseil a tous de jeter regarder du cote de vous pourrez retrouver les évènements ainsi que toutes les bonnes adresses. Fabien
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  • Lovely even in winter, we were staying in Azurea hotel and it was nice; close to center.
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  • museo de chagall
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  • Beautiful French Riviera - Great for Summer Holiday!
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  • Au sein de l’Office du Tourisme et des Congrès de Nice, une équipe vous apporte une assistance gratuite dans les domaines suivants : • Conseil et assistance pour l’élaboration et le déroulement de vos programmes et reportages à Nice • Accueil de vos éductours et voyages de presse • Coordination et mise en relation avec les prestataires locaux, recherches d’hébergement, transferts, excursions, guides, restauration … • Mise à disposition de documentation touristique complète • Mise à disposition de photos et vidéos téléchargeables • Mise à disposition de communiqués et dossiers de presse Tous nos services sont gratuits. Enfin, dans le cadre des bureaux "grand public", nos hôtesses accueillent les visiteurs et les informent sur toutes les activités proposées par la ville de Nice. N’hésitez pas à contacter nos équipes.
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  • a very nice city in the summer
    about a decade ago report abuse
  • We just have to recommend Velo Bleu to get around if your planning a trip to Nice. Telephone: +33 (0)4 30 00 30 01 (Press option 2 for English) On-line Information in French On-line information in English Blue (Blue Bike) is a public bike rental scheme where you can, after pre-registering with your credit or debit card, just turn up at one of over 90 bike stations all over the city of Nice and pick up a bike using your mobile phone to release the padlock. You then just drop it back at any station when your done and you are charged just for the time you use it. I understand there are similar schemes popping up in other City's all over Europe.Station locations all over Nice City Centre (map on websites)
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  • carnival ist großartig dort!
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