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We know that it’s not always possible to see everything that might be worth seeing when you are traveling. This is why the tripwolf team ...

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  • Zoo Basel

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    Oldest and largest zoo in Switzerland. Have lunch watching the elephants and see the monkeys solv...

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  • Ausstellung Fondation Beyeler
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  • Una ciudad suiza con aires alemanes.. estuve 24 horas en Basilea y me dio mucho mas de lo que esperaba, intrigante, misterioso, acogedor, su edificio del Ayuntamiento es visita obligadisima. Pierdete de noche en el Barrio de spalentor, tomate una cerveza Gurten y recorrelo es el mejor barrio de la ciudad.
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  • Die Stadt am Rheinknie, das Dreiländereck und eher europaoffenes Flair spürt man im Gross- und Kleinbasel den grossherzigen Menschen an. Ausnahmezustände erlebt die Stadt immer wieder, sei es die Fasnacht mit all ihren vor- und nachfasnächtlichen Programmen, der Fussball oder immer wieder mal das Freiluft-Theater mit Basel als Gesamtkulisse. Wenn mal die Musse ruft, dann nimm eine der Rheinfähren, setz dich am frühen Abend auf der Kleinbasler-Rheinseite an die Flusspromenade - geniesse.
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  • I stayed with a friend in switzerland for 2 weeks. she lived in bubendorf. almost every night we'd take a train to basel, which i suggest trying to get a pass. i grew to love the city. it was different than those where i live in Michigan in the U.S. you didnt have to drive everywhere to get places, you could take trams or walk which was nice and offered you the chance to rreally see the city and the people in it. I went clubbing one night and for an 18 year old the whole no drinnking age thing completely made the clubbing experience. it was so much fun just to dance to music i didnt understand and go crazy around people i'd never see again. I highly suggest one make a stop and spend a night or two in Basel. take a walk around the city. go to a soccer game. shop at stores you've never heard of. sit on the steps on the rhine at night. get drunk before going clubbing. take a tram. only go to McDonalds and the movies on a night when you feel like splurging. laugh. enjoy the swiss subculture.
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