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The Vltava is the longest river in the Czech republic and its journey through Prague runs for 31km. There are 18 bridges across the river, and if it is sunny weather you could stroll across, walk the banks and come back via the next bridge. There is also the charming option of taking a cruise down the river. Many operators offer lunch on board, and this is not just a gimmicky tourist thing to do. On the journey from downtown Prague, you will typically first be served a hearty meal, and on the way back a guide will walk you through the sights that you cross. You will also find many couples paddle boating in the river on a good day. The river is known to have been the stuff of stories and poetry, and caused massive flooding as recently as 2006. It is a Prague landmark.

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  • That is right, my mistake. But the flood in 2006 caused only minimal damages In Prague due to the effective (mobile) flood-protection (and the water level itslef was not so high as in 2002)
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  • There been floodings as recent as 2002 and 2006, the 2002 one was massive!
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  • Just to fix the wrong info about the flooding: It was in August 2002. You can find many signs remarking the flood and marking the water level from that time placed on the buildings (or in the pubs) in the Karlin quarter. Lot of those Karlin pubs also have photos of the flood (or its consequences) hung on their walls...
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