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Çemberlitaş Hamamı

Cemberlitas was built in 1548, commissioned by the wife of the then Sultan, to bring in extra revenue. The complex itself is architecturally beautiful. Once you step inside, however, you will be transported to another world. Albeit the experience is typically touristy, where else will you find a warm and relaxing marble slab to lay on, under a glorious dome, while you are scrubbed clean by expert masseuses? The hammam has separate sections for men and women and different kinds of services, from the basic scrub and shampoo to more expensive massages (basic cost is 25 euros). Not a place to be prudish, although men are obliged to keep their privates covered at all times. Go there for a memorable experience.

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  • Bello l'ambiente e situazione igienica buona. Niente di eccezionale il trattamento, direi deludente se confrontato con quello di un piccolo hammam di quartiere nel quale ho ricevuto un trattamento migliore (molto migliore) spendendo un terzo.
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  • in der Tat eine Massenabfertigung. da sollte sich etwas Besseres finden. Hektisch, wie auf dem Fließband!
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • This review was translated. See the original review here.
    Hamam for tourists
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  • This review was translated. See the original review here.
    Mass processing - for all who like it more relaxed, go to Cagaloglu Hamami
    a couple of years ago report abuse



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