Angkor Wat

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Angkor Wat

Yet another kingdom gone to the gods - but still most amazing thing you'll ever see in a jungle

There is only one reason most people visit Siem Reap, and that is to experience the awe-inspiring temple complex known as Angkor Wat. The eerie calm of the stone faces that stare down from the Bayon, the towering, artichoke-like spires of the main temple, and the epic, meticulously detailed mural work that covers every surface of this UN World Heritage Site are just a few of the facets that compel visitors to travel across the world to this jungle town in the middle of Cambodia. An easily accessible airport and good press have transformed the temples from a backpacker pilgrimage to a tourist hot spot. The drone of construction fills the air most days as luxury resorts and spas rise from the jungle floor, preparing for the needs of the upscale tourist market. The surge in tourism means comfortable bars and restaurants are now available to those not entirely exhausted from a day hiking the steep temple steps, but it also means that traffic through the sites will increase dramatically. For now, it's still possible to find peace among the ruins. Saffron-robed monks calmly stroll throughout the temples, a reminder of the strong beliefs of the Khmer people that brought the Wat into existence. Angkor Wat is a fascinating place and a testament to human achievement. Get there now, before Starbucks moves in.

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  • 😍
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Incredible temple! Don't miss on a Cambodia trip!
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  • No matter how many times you visit it, Angkor Wat never disappoints. It's a truly amazing sight - definitely one of the world's greatest wonders!
    about a decade ago report abuse
  • Die Anlagen (bitte nicht Ruinen) von Angor sind eines der grossen Weltwunder. Ich bin im Jahr 2009 zwei Wochen durch die meisten Tempel und Gebäude gegangen.
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