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Once upon a time, Lucca was a Roman colony with mighty defensive walls to protect against invaders. Nowadays, those walls are a pedestrian walkway, the old Roman street grid is still intact, and hints of the Amphitheatre can still be seen in the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro. It is this graceful throwback to old times that makes Lucca so appealing to visitors. This beautifully aged town is a walkers' paradise - you can walk the circumference of the city on the old Renaissance walls, and inside, winding cobblestone alleys full of restaurants and boutiques are perfect for easy wandering. Summer brings the Puccini festival, in honor of Lucca's favorite son, as well as a Summer Festival full of top music acts.

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  • Piazza dell'Anfiteatro

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    An old amphitheatre turned piazza. Piazza Anfiteatro started out as a Roman amphitheatre in the fi...

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  • i love Lucca. It's a very nice city in tuscany.
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  • Lucca a very nice town, you will need a decent map to locate yourself
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Lucca super smart
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Piccola, pulita e interessante per una passeggiata lungo le mura antiche
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • lucca ist eine topstadt
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Arriva la carta di accesso ai musei della città Inizia sabato 11 aprile 2009 la distribuzione della Lucca Card, un pacchetto di offerte che consente al visitatore la possibilità di usufruire di una serie di servizi ad un costo molto più basso di quello che gli stessi avrebbero se comperati singolarmente, così come accade per molte altre importanti città quali Roma, Venezia, Londra, Parigi, Salisburgo, Barcellona, solo per citarne alcune. Realizzata da Media Farm e dal Comune di Lucca, la Lucca Card, viene distribuita in due versioni, una con validità di un giorno e l'altra con validità di due giorni, rispettivamente al prezzo di 7,50 e 12 euro. Il pacchetto comprende la messa a disposizione al turista da parte di Itinera di una bicicletta per 1 ora, nella card di 1 giorno, e per 2 ore, nella card di 2 giorni (essendo i musei della nostra città ubicati tutti all'interno del centro storico - esso stesso una sorta di museo naturale a cielo aperto) e l'ingresso a un numero variabile di musei in funzione del periodo di validità della CARD. Nel primo caso si potranno visitare la Torre Guinigi, l'Orto botanico, il museo della Cattedrale e il museo del Fumetto. Nel secondo, oltre a questi, anche il Sepolcro di Ilaria del Carretto e la Basilica di S. Giovanni.
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  • The School operates all year round and is authorised to execute jumps from flight level 140 using Pilatus PC6 "Porter" aircraft. Lucca Skydiving School is member of the United States Parachute Association (USPA.) The 'tandem jump' with the aid of a dual controlled parachute allows you to experience the excitement of free fall then 'open chute' together with an experienced instructor. The 'tandem jump' can be tried without attending courses previously. There is a brief preparatory explanation after which you will be able to try a free fall experience, together with your instructor, and manage the dual controlled parachute alone. The tandem jump lets you experience all the emotions of an individual jump, yet at the same time gives you the cover of an experienced instructor. If you have ambitions of becoming an experienced skydiver, it's easy. The Lucca Skydiving School offers courses run by highly trained staff. Expert and professional, they monitor students' progress carefully through all learning phases up to becoming expert skydivers themselves. The "A.F.F." (Accelerated Free Fall) course employs the more recent and the most innovative methods of skydiving instruction. All jumps are free fall at altitudes of between 4300 - 4500m (14100-17800ft). Initially the student is assisted during the fall by two instructors who monitor the student's technique and progress. The staff of the Lucca Skydiving School include senior skydiving instructors, competition judges and experienced parachute technicians always on hand to share their expertise. The school also offers specialised certificate and licence courses in skydiving recognised at both national and international level; E.N.A.C. (Ente Nazionale dell' Aviazione Civile) U.S.P.A. (United States Parachute Association), through which it is possible to obtain an American skydiver's licence.
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  • La citta' dai cento campanili!!!
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