Archaeological excavations of Pompeii

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Archaeological excavations of Pompeii

AKA The Ruins

In AD 79, Mt. Vesuvius erupted and buried the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum under 60 feet of ash. Afterward the two towns faded into local lore and their locations were forgotten. But excavation began in the 1700's, after workmen rediscovered Herculaneum. These days, 44 of Pompeii's 66 hectares have been unearthed, much of which is open to the public.

Pompeii was planned using a grid system, with stepping stones in the middle of the street (Romans used to throw their garbage directly into the street, which would be swept away by a stream of water). Aside from the temples, bath houses and amphitheatres you would expect in a Roman society, there are also old storefronts and tucked-away brothels. Eerily, plaster casts of real bodies found during the excavation are also available for viewing.

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