Tiananmen Square

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Tiananmen Square

The site of 1989's notorious pro-democracy protests

The largest city square in the world was originally built in 1417 during the Ming Dynasty. Located just opposite the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square is mainly empty except for Mao's mausoleum (join the long line if you'd like to see his embalmed remains) and the Monument to the People's Heroes. Occasionally, there are temporary memorials to other historic Chinese politicians in the square.

Tiananmen Square has traditionally been the site of political and student protests over the years, but it is most famous for the massacre that took place on June 4, 1989. Over 100,000 people had gathered in the square to call for democratic reform, and the military was called in to restore order. Though it's unclear how many people died, estimates range from several hundred to several thousand civilians.

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