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Phukao Thong
Phukao Thong
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Phukao Thong

A wat offering spectacular views of the city below

Once upon a time, The Golden Mount (which refers to the seemingly indomitable hill on which the golden chedi of Wat Saket can be found) was the tallest point in Bangkok. Though it's been dwarfed by modern skyscrapers, those who are willing to climb the 318 steps to its top are rewarded with a magnificent panorama. The Golden Mount was originally commissioned by King Rama III; after his attempts to build a chedi were foiled by the area's soft soil, he decided to construct a hill of mud and bricks to better support it. King Rama IV further reinforced the hill with teak logs to prevent it from sinking. King Rama V built the present-day chedi, and the final addition came during WWII - concrete walls were erected to preserve the integrity of the hill.

Though most visitors head straight to the Golden Mount, Wat Saket is worth a look for its intricate murals and exterior carvings. Also, Wat Saket served as Bangkok's crematorium during the plague, when tens of thousands of bodies were brought here during the late 18th century.

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  • La falsa colina, hoy protegida de la erosión por unos muros de hormigón, es conocida con el nombre de Phu Khao Thong: “Monte Dorado” en tailandés. 318 escalones nos llevan hasta lo alto, donde se encuentra el famoso Chedi que alberga reliquias de Buda (se cree que los dientes) y la terraza, donde podemos deleitarnos con las vistas.
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  • Der spiralförmige Aufstieg ist bei schwülen 30 Grad nicht ohne, aber man wird mit einem tollen Ausblick über Bangkok belohnt.
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