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On the east coast bordering the Gulf of Oman are the emirate of Fujairah, until 1952 part of Sharjah, and the enclaves of Sharjah, a region that for centuries developed in isolation from the rest of the emirates, and in which due to the cooler and deeper waters of Gulf of Oman it proved impossible to develop the pearl industry. Nor was there oil to be found on the east coast. But its strategic location on the Gulf of Oman led the richer emirates to establish two ports there and a road through the Hajar Mountains. This was to enable vital imports to be transported safely into the country in the event of political conflicts or accidents in the Strait of Hormuz. These development accorded the east coast a certain level of prosperity. Since 2001 Fujairah has stepped up its efforts to promote tourism. And the diving enthusiasts among the tourists are increasingly flocking to Khor Fakkan and Fujairah, as the underwater world of the east coast with its coral reefs and rocky ravines has more to offer than the flat and sandy west coast.

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