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A long history and deep culture.

In the heart of Central Asia between the mountainous Frontier Province of Pakistan and the arid eastern plains of Iran, Afghanistan is the true crossroads of Asia, a melting pot of regional flavours as well as an encyclopaedia of failed battles initiated by empires passed. In the 21st century the nation is ruled nominally from Kabul, by a fledgling government propped up by plenty of international goodwill. Go further out, though and authority drifts in the hands of local warlords, trial chiefs, and the always ominous Taliban.

Roads are well maintained between major urban centres, however this can quickly change due to a random roadside bomb or ambush tearing up that which was so recently reconstructed. Visit the beautiful mountain town of Mazar I Sharif, and majestic valley of Bamiyan nearby – though these days it is lacking its large Buddhas. In theeast, Heart has a beautiful city centre with gorgeous blue tilework, and from any angle, the mountains of the Hindu Kush are sure to impress. Pashtun areas continue to be conflicted and dangerous, however. Those braving a trip to Kandahar or Jalalabad would be well advised to seek local advice, and dress as discreetly as possible.

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