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The last frontier for mankind

The only continent that has not seen human settlements (scientists do not really count), it's also the only place on Earth that has not been affected by human endeavours - at least until recently. Man-made climate change has shifted human attention to the South where falling ice rocks make us realize how tremendous the consequences of global warming might get. Recently, also tourists got more interested in this last frontier, and are enjoying cruises through the icey waters. They are stunned by one of the greatest (and untouched) landscapes in the world. Hopefully to the joy of many generations to come.

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  • Hallo! Ich war vor kurzem in der Antarktis und ich bin begeistert. Ich habe so viele Eindrücke gewonnen. antarktis reisen sind perfekt organisiert. Der Anbieter ist empfehlenswert.
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  • Antarktisreise soll etwas Besonderes sein.
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  • Vielleicht das letzte Stück intakter Natur das man auf unserem Globus findet?
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  • Penguins and sea lions, whales, beware!
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