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A country like the Great Sphinx - half-human and half-lion

From the bustling capital of Cairo to the beautifully situated Aswan, Egypt is a marvel of antiquities and modern-day amenities. Nile cruises are a popular way of seeing a lot in one trip, but it’s also possible to travel by train to Aswan. Consider flying from Cairo and taking the train back, stopping off as the fancy takes you. Luxor is a treasure of temples and the Valley of the Kings, home to sweeping vistas and Tutankhamun's burial place. In Aswan, about 80 miles south of Luxor, the Nile flows through amber desert and granite rocks, around emerald islands covered in palm groves and tropical plants. Across the Nile from Aswan is the Tomb of Aga Khan, who died in 1957. And don’t forget the Aswan Dam and the unfinished obelisk, a granite monument that was abandoned centuries ago after a crack was discovered. Expect a mild winter from November to April and a very hot summer from May to October.

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  • good work
    more than a year ago report abuse
  • ich liebe Aegypten
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  • Egypt without question is the first great civilization in the globe
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  • It's a welcoming country
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  • .....sehr schön und Gastfreundlich
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  • As exotic destinations for holidays go, Egypt is also right up there but away from the customary tourist attractions like Cairo and Pyramids. Sharm El Sheikh, famous as “The city of peace in Egypt” has taken all the attraction from Pyramids in Egypt to the adventurous water activities of Red Sea.
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