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An Ancient Land in East Africa

This expansive nation of over seventy eight million people holds the distinction of being the world’s second oldest country, and the site from which the coffee bean began its migration around the globe. Modern travelers will delight in Ethiopia’s ecologic and geographic variety, its exotic native fauna and its collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Those entering the country by air will most likely begin their journey in Addis Ababa, one of the world’s most diverse capital cities, and headquarters of the African Union. Major landmarks in this hub include the massive Anwar Mosque, the Ethiopian National History Museum and Holy Trinity Cathedral, site of Haile Selassie’s tomb. From there, head north to Lalibela and Axum, Ethiopia’s two main pilgrimage destinations, where ancient rock-hewn churches and towering stelae yield clues about the region’s turbulent spiritual past. Farther west, more illumination awaits at Bahir Dar, a palm-lined town on the southern end of Lake Tana, from where visitors can set off to explore the majestic lakeside monasteries and catch a glimpse of the Blue Nile. For those seeking a more rural experience, Simien Mountains National Park offers scenic vistas, wildlife viewing and trekking opportunities that can be tailored for visitors of all skill and fitness levels.

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    Priceless information about humanity's beginnings. A prehistoric site near Lake Turkana, the lower...

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