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Live it up in high style in the heart of Western Europe

If you fancy yourself a traveler, you simply have to experience France. The culture, the fierce pride of the nation, refined for centuries, cannot easily be summed up--but you know it when you see it. It ranges from the Gallic trademarks--the elegant, blue-roofed chateaux stretching down the boulevard, the sweeping cathedrals, the relaxed, smoky lounges--to smaller details, like how your café au lait is served or the way stately matrons greet one another other in the street. The French hold refinement and luxury in high esteem. You will see the wisdom behind this obsession in the attention detail as much in your first taste of lemon tart from the patisserie in a viewing of the masterful collections at the Louvre. The best way to enjoy France is to accept it as a place where the small experiences of life are savored as much as the large ones. So be sure to visit the Orsay Museum and gape at the grandeur of Versailles, but also take a bike out to the lush countryside and delight in the yeasty crispness of a fresh baguette paired with a Sancerre from the Loire. Abandon yourself to the sensory, and you’ll not only be embraced by the people, but their appreciation for life’s details might also rub off on you--a souvenir far superior to any miniature Eiffel Tower.

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  • l'une des choses les plus intéressantes que j'ai apprécié quand je suis venu en France, c'est la cuisine asiatique, restaurants surtout asiatiques à Paris. J'utilise souvent cet outil pour savoir mes restaurants préférés quand je ne sais pas où aller
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  • creo que los mas destacado en paris es el detalle, se siente en todo momento hasta para servirte un vaso de agua. Lo que mas he disfrutado es sentarte en un de los cafes en la banueta y tomar un expresso acompanado de una copa de cognac y un puro, el escenario todo es un museo, ve una nche a trocadero, tiene muy buena vista a la torre eiffel, otta noche al barrio latino, otr noche al moulin rouge.
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  • Out my mind, just In time tour / Paris, France, If you are dead eager to watch Erykah Badu in France, it is now the time and the place to go..
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  • Nothing is better than Paris when I think about one of the most beautiful cities with some of the best sidewalk cafe's in the world.
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  • i have never been to france ,but i like it ,and the first city that i will visit is Lambersart ,if someone know about it ,please contect me ,i really appreciate it :D well ,have a nice day ,beautiful person =)
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  • No shortage of Flaveur!! I can’t claim any credit for this “find”. The laurels must go to Gayle Roberts (of Nice Pebbles), who spent a night in our mountain idyll, where daube and polenta are more likely fare in local restaurants!! She was full of praise for the newly opened Flaveur in the heart of Nice. We first visited with three Australian clients, used to the freshest of ingredients in Brisbane and Sydney. Despite one of our guests suffering from jetlag still, the meal was declared the best out of 2 weeks of dining out from Marseille to the Mercantour. Our two most recent visits, with serious foodie friends and family have been no disappointment! What sets the resto apart from the hundreds of other purveyors of nosh on the Riviera?? Contemporary food cooked with passion and skill, stylish yet calm environment, attentive but not fussy “front of house”, well chosen wine …..and excellent rapport qualité/prix prices. The menu is refreshingly short – which may make life difficult for fussier and, probably British, eaters. I am a vegetarian, eating fish if I “must” – and one day I’d love to challenge the Tourteaux brothers (Gaël & Mickaël) to create completely veggie menu – perhaps we can gather together some interested people here on the coast and ask that question. Get there – if you don’t like it – I’ll eat my hat! – liberally seasoned of course! Restaurant Flaveur 25 rue Gubernatis 06000 NICE Tél : 04 93 62 53 95
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  • Valensole. Un sogno. Tanto da vedere e tanto da sognare. Accoglienza ottima, proloco molto organizzata. A poca distanza luoghi da favola. Un consiglio per chi cerca un B
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