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Where East and West Collide

Despite its status as one of Europe’s oldest continually-existing nations, this country of rolling plains and low mountains has one of the continent’s most tumultuous histories. Between its 9th Century unification under Arpad the Magyar and the Cold War’s end in 1991, Hungary was attacked and occupied by a steady stream of foreign invaders—Mongol, Habsburg, Ottoman, Nazi and Soviet. Against the odds though, this ancient land has managed to retain much of its traditional identity, which visitors can experience first-hand as they sample local dishes like Goulash and Dobos Cake, bargain for crafts and explore the country’s diverse architecture. Don’t miss Budapest, the nation’s picturesque capital on the Danube River, whose name derives from the 1873 unification of its western (Buda) and eastern (Pest) districts. Amid the clamor and excitement of this modern European capital, give a nod to history and visit any or all of its world-class attractions: Buda Castle, Parliament (complete with a display of the Crown Jewels) and St. Stephen’s Basilica, just to name a few. For a more relaxed option, take a soak in one of Hungary’s many thermal pools, which have been enticing foreigners—both friendly and hostile—since Roman times. Lake Heviz, whose gaseous waters are laced with a variety of naturally-occurring elements, is said to relieve the symptoms of everything from arthritis to traveler’s fatigue.

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  • super urlaub gewesen 😃
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  • Tiszafüred is the capital of the Lake Tisza. The resort area is the target of the eco-tourism. Its thermal bath is a real hydrotherapy culture here.Tiszafüred and Lake Tisza are the popular places of the guests desiring the quiet natural environment. The ones coming to visit here have an opportunity to riding, water, bicycle and walking tours along the LakeTisza. Who admires this landscape it falls in love with it and returns year after year. At Lake Tisza in beautiful, environment, free beaches with bathing and aquatic sport opportunities can be found .apartman
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  • Home of the beautiful city of Budapest...and therefore a must see country :)
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