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A many-faceted country, full of treasures and contradictions

Israel is a land of contradictions. It is a very young country, having only existed since 1948, and yet its capital of Jerusalem is some five millennia old. It is considered to be a holy land by three of the world's major religions and yet is known internationally for secular pursuits, such as its high-tech industry and vibrant nightclub scene. It is known as "the Jewish State," yet Muslim, Christian, and Druze communities are integral to its culture. The country is mostly desert, yet it boasts rolling green hills, olive groves, and vineyards. It is a decidedly Middle Eastern country, and yet in many ways very Western. And all of this exists within a small land of barely 8,500 sq mi. You can toil on a hardscrabble kibbutz in the wind-swept Negev desert one day and find yourself sipping local wine in the beautiful Golan the next. You can spend all afternoon in Jerusalem, exploring sights such as the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and make it to Tel Aviv in time for a late night trance party. You start off in the morning, and only God knows what people, sights, and situations you will encounter by nightfall.

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  • The only thing which is annoying is the control at the airport. Because of the security issues they have, you will be asked many questions. Once you answered them you will be asked by someone else again. If you go with someone else, they will questioning you separately; see if your answers don't different. They are so scared of terrorists entering there country. I am a non Jude. May be is less hassle when you are from the same religion? If you have stamps in your passport from arabic countries you might be questioned even more. They just don't trust anybody. May be things have changed a bit. I even lost a flight ones because they thought they needed to check me and my luggage more thoroughly. I loved the weather. The heat is dry, so you don't sweat as bad. It's perfect for diving and simple snorkelling. The water is so clear. Go to the dead sea, it might not exist for too much longer. I took picture of "sitting" in the salt water and reading a news paper. It's great if you have skin problems. Best temperature are in the winter until spring. I was there in the summer when it reached temperatures over 40 degrees.
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