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The homeland of Bob Marley and jerk calls visitors to come and enjoy her charms – beaches, sun, culture and much more

Jamaica, called "the Rock" by its residents, is a melting pot of racial and cultural diversity. This intermingling has given rise to the country’s motto, “Out of Many, One People.” This blending of cultures is reflected in Jamaican cuisine, nowhere more evident than in the influence of Indian cooking, hence the ingrained love of curry. The island’s capital, Kingston, is a bustling city with an intermingling of relics from the past and more modern facilities. The 312-year-old Kingston Parish Church in the city holds pride of place. Many offices in the city are renovated Victorian buildings dating back to the days of slavery. Only residents can give you access to inner-city communities. Once within their confines, the widespread friendliness belies the hardship under which most residents exist. In the birthplace of reggae and dancehall, melodies blasting from a music system are never far away. Jamaica is also the home of international musical extravaganzas such as the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival and Reggae Sunsplash. Among the island’s world famous attractions are Dunn’s River Falls in St. Ann, Rose Hall Guesthouse in St. James, and the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston dedicated to one of Jamaica’s most famous sons. Nerves of steel are needed to drive in Jamaica, where the streets are not only in bad condition but are also generally crowded.

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  • Bob Marley Museum

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    Museum / Gallery
    in Kingston, East Jamaica, Jamaica

    address:, opening hours:Mon–Sat: 9:30 a.m.–4 p.m.

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  • my first trip I stayed at Sunset Cove. it was ok. food wasnt great but the entertainment was good. we spent a lot of time mixing with the lovely locals and i loved every minute of it. I fully recommend spending time learning about Jamaica and getting to some of the people. They are so colorful and fun. I have a trip planned for April 30th of this year at the grand Pallidium. I am so excited to be returning!
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  • For anyone on this site that is interested in coming to Jamaica for vacation I would first suggest that you not spend the ridiculous amount for all-inclusives, even though they tell you about the great savings. who is really going to eat and drink that much? Come on, and then you have to pay crazy amounts for the activities they offer. I suggest a nice bed & breakfast or hostel. There are pretty nice ones in the Ochi Rios area. I personally stayed at Paradise Jamaica (you can search for it online) and it was really nice. I mean nothing will really compare to thebig hotels, but when you are going on vacation you just want somewhere nice and comfortable to fall asleep. You will save sooooooo much by going this route, and have a chance to really experience what Jamaica has to offer, rather than the fakeness and pretending that goes on in some of those big hotels.
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  • Breezes Runaway Bay is the worst !! Food is horrible, to say the least. Curried Goat for dinner are you kidding! popcorn machines (out of popcorn)Cappucino machines (5) 4 out of order.Premium liquor bottles filled with cheap liquor!! We caught them red handed!! Will never return to Jamaica. They can't seem to keep catsup available. Ran out three times.. Please
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  • Jamdung is awesome, I recommend anyone seeking a Caribbean vacation to go there. the beaches are so beautiful, the scenery is exquisite and the museums and people are fantastic!! I loved it and I will be going there every vacation because the fun never stops and each time I go I find something new and interesting to do!!
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