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Modern Marvels, Ancient Wisdom, Unmatched Generosity

Cherry blossoms drift on an ocean breeze and fall without a splash into hot spring pools at the base of snow-capped Mt. Fuji. A hundred miles away, fashion-crazed hipsters sweat and pose and grind under the disco lights of a slick Roppongi nightclub. Japan is a contrast of tradition and modernity, with stereotypes and preconceptions confirmed and shattered at every turn. The one constant of travel in Japan is the overwhelming kindness and generosity of the Japanese people. The great challenge for the traveler is not to navigate a foreign land, but to find ways to express gratitude for the hospitality one is bound to receive. Bring gifts, but present them carefully, because any gestures you extend will be returned many times over. The Japanese will tell you that Japan is a small country, but this just isn't true. The archipelago of Japan extends from the frozen Sea of Okhotsk off the Siberian coast of Asia to the tropical islands of Okinawa. If placed alongside the Eastern seaboard of the United States, Japan would reach from Montreal, Quebec, all the way south to Miami. Mountain ranges and inland seas break up the landscape, in which each region has its own character, dialect, climate, and local specialties. However, despite Japan's size and the distinct character of its regions, the most modern and efficient transportation network in the world makes it a breeze to travel the length and breadth of the nation. Before you jump on the bullet train, though, think about savoring the places in between. Consider taking a local train, open the window, unwrap a rice ball and watch the ancient fields, wooden temples, and bustling cities roll by.

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  • ich war nach dem Tsunami mit der Swiss Rescue in Minamisanriku. Letztes Jahr war ich ein paar Tage in Tokio.Fühle mich dort pudelwohl obwohl ich keine Grossstädte mag
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  • Muss man auf jeden Fall mal hin!
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Ich war bisher 2x in Japan und ich liebe dieses Land, seine Kultur und Natur.
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Love the country
    last decade report abuse



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