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Typical Aegean village with narrow streets

If you ever travel from Izmir to Çeşme on the new motorway, after about 70 kilometers, you will see an exit 'alaçatı' do not hesitate to get of the motorway at that exit, it will be an amazing visit to one of the oldest towns along the Aegean coast of Turkey.

If you were sailing up along the Aegean coast, although you will not see a mark on your map for alaçatı, but you will notice the windsurfers in a beautiful bay. Do not hesitate to enter the bay, a newly built marina (although not yet complete) will welcome you. A two kilometer drive from the marina to alaçatı town would be the start of a discovery tour.

The tour would be amazing, but it very much depends on what you consider an 'Amazing tour'. If you consider spending some time at you summer house, or laying lazily on the beach to absorb the sunlight, or eating and drinking until early hours in the morning and listening to incredibly loud disco sound, or going to movies, theatre even a concert, alaçatı is not...

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