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Saudi Arabia

Land of the Two Holy Mosques

A fine example of how central religion is to life in the cradle of Islam is the selection of the Holy Qur’an to serve as the country's constitution. Alcohol, cinemas, and public dancing are all banned by this country’s strict interpretation of Sharia law, and non-Muslims are forbidden from even entering the cities of Mecca and Medina. Much of Saudi Arabia is inhospitable desert, but the highlands in the southwestern 'Asir region and the Red Sea coast provide an opportunity to escape the incessant heat. Jeddah is the country’s financial center; because of its traditional role as a gateway for religious pilgrims to Mecca, it is more diverse and tolerant than other parts of the country. Tourist visas are much harder to get than other types, and they’re only available for prearranged groups with set itineraries. That’s not necessarily bad news, though, because having a guide will maximize your travel efficiency and help you navigate any linguistic or bureaucratic problems.

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  • Kingdom Centre

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    in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Undoubtedly Riyadh's most stunning piece of modern architecture, at 305m the Kingdom Centre is th...

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