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Mercado Modelo

Shopping on the bay

This place is a classic in Salvador. Coming from Pelourinho you have to take the Elevator Lacerda and you 'll see the Mercado Modelo right in front of you. It is the best place in the city to buy presents from Bahia because the people who sell there are not so annoying and the prices are standard. What is good to do is to have a look around, some stand have the prices written on the products, these are the standard prices, if you speak portuguese you can sure buy for a less price but be aware not to pay more. What you can't leave behind are the tipical little Bahian sculpture, some necklaces made of different regional seeds, the yummy "cocada" (made of cocunut) and cashewnuts. Downstairs the Market was the place were the slaves were kept before selling them, the atmosphere is dark and temperature is oppressive, but have a look. Finally you can get a fresh juice upstairs before keeping to visit the wonderfull Salvador da Bahia.

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  • Für mich ist Salvador die schönste Stadt Brasiliens. Hierher kamen früher die Sklavenschiffe. Und noch immer ist Salvador die 'afrikanischste' aller Brasilianischen Städte. Unbedingt die feinen afrikanischen Spezialitäten an einem der vielen Stände probieren. Michael Jackson hat sein Video zu 'They don't care about us' zwar teilweise in einer Favela in Rio gedreht. Die Szenen auf dem grossen Platz wurden aber in Salvador gedreht. Das Haus, auf dessen Balkon Nichael Jackson gesungen hat, ziert noch immer eine 'Michael'-Figur. Schräg gegenüber auf demselben Platz steht das Geburtshaus von Brasiliens Literatur-Nobelpreisträger Jorje Amado.
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