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The Sahara Desert awaits you right outside the well-known touristic spots on the shore

North Africa's smallest country is a frequent destination of European tourists, who gracefully stay in a small number of resort ghettos along the coast near the capital city of Tunis and the well-trodden coastal town of Sousse. Outside of these high-traffic areas are the beginnings of the Sahara Desert in the south and a good beginner's point for dune-crashing, sand surfing, and hanging out with Berber families. Tataouine, Tozeur, and Kairouan are picturesque towns on the edge of the desert. Tunis is a pleasant town, neither too big nor too sprawling, that is reasonably safe. Near Tunis, suburbs such as Sidi Bou Said and Carthage offer sites worth visiting. Other big cities near the coast are Djerba, near the Libyan border, and Bizerte, near the northernmost tip of the country, which have well-maintained central markets (called medinas) and a few forts nearby. Both retain a pleasant North African charm and are easy to get around in. Train connections are excellent, but if that's not fast enough there are plenty of "louage" minibuses that run between towns in half the time.

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  • Carthage

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    in Tunis, Tunisia

    A port city rebuilt and recreated over thousands of years. Carthage was founded in the 9th century...

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  • Tunesien ist sehr schön, die Menschen dort sind freundlich.
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  • tunisia best of the best
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  • Túnez es un destino ideal. A poco tiempo en avión, con importantes lugares para visitar (Cartago, Dougga, el desierto..), con buenos precios y una gran seguridad. Su luz y su cielo causan impresión.
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  • Welcome to Tunisia,the land of the tradional hospitality and old civilisations. Tunisia is one of the leading touristic destination in the south part of the Mediterranean. It's a multing pot of different ancient civilisations which left a tremendous cultural leg such as the well preserved archeological sites(The must see) and the brace of ethnies. It's a safe country in all means and offer a variety of good hotel accomodations,the possibilies for discovery and relaxation which fit all budgets and meet the new holiday's makers demands. The mild weather is wonderful in most part the year. Being very close to Europe,can be also combined with another country for the guest coming from Northern America or the far east. Ben Jebara M. Tahar Tourism & Travel consultant Professional tour guide.
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