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The country on the crossroads, charming and hospitable as ever

Turkey’s unique geographic location makes it the main crossroads between Europe and the Middle East. Some see Turkey therefore as the ideal spot for building bridges, between East and West -- not an easy task for a single country to manage. Turkey offers enormous cultural variety -- some things are familiar, some will surprise you, and some will bewilder. Turkey has so many faces that it needs something to hold it together -- or someone. Mustafa Kemal, founder of the Turkish Republic in 1923, was soon pronounced “Ataturk,” father of all Turks; to this day, his presence on photographs and public monuments is ubiquitous.

The hospitality and charm of Turkish people are legendary, and the country boasts one of the three major cuisines in the world (the other two are French and Chinese). For relaxation, you can explore the more than 4,000 miles of coastline, offering everything from white sandy beaches to rocky exclusive bays. Turkey delivers the entire panoply of human history, from the world’s oldest human settlement (from 7,500 B.C.) to some of the most famous ancient Hellenistic cities. World history comes together in a single place: Istanbul. Wherever you explore in the former Constantinople, once the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, you will find traces of the old glory times -- not always to the delight of residents, who dream of a subway tunnel below the Bosporus, which is constantly delayed by new archeological findings.

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  • Thank you all, for your all positive reviews!
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  • Enjoy traditionally long-lasting Turkish dinners starting with a variety of mostly vegetarian appetizers, mezzes. People usually drink raki on these occasions, a Turkish anis drink with a lot of alcohol. Finish off your meal with a selection of delicious Turkish desserts, or have a puff from a Nagile, the Turkish water pipe.
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  • Turkey lies on the crossroads between Europe and the Middle East. It is surrounded by seas to its north, west, and south. The coastal regions are quite different to Turkey’s inner land, Anatolia, in terms of geography, climate, culture, and cuisine.
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  • eine Harmonie der Kontraste...
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  • gibt nichts besseres.
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  • I live in Istanbul, Turkey.. my paradise.. those who r travelling.. don t miss Fethiye/Oludeniz
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  • Turkey is so interesting place
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  • istanbul tour
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  • Immer wieder ein Erlebnis.
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  • I would like to go to Karacokan in oost turkey did someone go there?? like to get info Natha
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  • Einfach schön !!!
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  • I like it its amazing.. I have been there in 2007. I went to Istanbul and what near it. I think I will go again to enjoy what I missed in other parts of the country.
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  • an amazing country that offers tons of adventures and surprises
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