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Uniqueness wrought by isolation

The nature of an island is that it is left to develop in its own unique way. This is certainly true of Australia, the world's largest island (and smallest continent). Australia's striking landscape, which includes everything from lush rain forest to barren desert, is unlike any other in the world. This landscape is populated with the marsupials (such as kangaroos and koalas) that are so distinctly Australian that they are synonymous with the country in many people's minds. Culturally, Australia is quite unique as well. The Aboriginal cultures, which developed in isolation for 40,000 years, have intermixed with that of forcibly banished British convicts to create a uniquely Aussie worldview.

Each of the hundreds of islands of the Melanesian, Micronesian, and Polynesian island groups which together make up Oceania have also been able to develop in their own unique ways: New Zealand has its unparalleled natural beauties; Easter Island has its mysterious Moai statues; Tonga has its history as a never colonized independent monarchy; Fiji has its pristine beaches -- the list goes on and on, with no repetitions. A traveler who is simply interested in 'seeing the sites' can do fine backpacking through Europe. For the traveler who wants a truly unique experience all his or her own, Australia/ Oceania is the place to go.

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  • Sydney Opera House

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    in Sydney, East Coast Australia, Australia

    Sydney's Premier Entertainment Complex. Inaugurated in 1973, the Sydney Opera House is listed as a...

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  • Down under, not so far away
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  • im Jahr 2000 waren wir in Adelaide und hatten Hochwasser, zum Uluru fuhren wir durch Hochwasserführende Flüsse
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  • This is where your Holiday Dreams End and your Holiday Memories BeginWe have tried to make it easy for you to find out about where to go, what to see, and what to do, and where to stay, while you are here on the Sunshine Coast, In Sunny Queensland. We have selected, and set out, our tourist attractions like The Sunshine Coast's, Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo, the beaches, the history, its wines, and its lifestyle, with plenty of tips, pictures, and essential travel and visitors information, in a way that will be easy for you to see and understand.Queensland’s Sunshine Coast offers a relaxed, lifestyle, and the beauty of this region will captivate you.You may want to visit the Sunshine Coast for a romantic getaway, nestled amongst the hills of the Hinterland and beautiful Glasshouse Mountains. Where, you can also visit the local markets, the fresh food stalls,and the Boutique shops of Maleny. Dine out on the local delicacies and sample some of the areas great wines.The Sunshine coast has plenty of attractions for you and the whole Family Holiday, as well as for the dedicated Surfer, wave or wind. Whether you want to visit the Sunshine Coast to see Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo, go out on Steve Irwin's Whale One visit our beautiful Rain-forests, or the Hinterland for its views, tempt your taste buds in Noosa, after visiting the Eumundi Markets or taking a dive on the HMAS. Brisbane, you will soon realise that one visit to the Sunshine Coast is simply not enough. You will understand why, this is where Summer spends the Winter. and you will just have to come back againHere at Leroystravel is where your holiday dreams end and your holiday memories beginWhen people think of Australia, they will likely picture an image of Australia Zoo, the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Great Barrier Reef or Ayers Rock, yet these icons, famous as they are, are only a very small part of the natural treasures of this country and its wide cultural diversity.Australia offers wide range of travel experiences, from the excitement of the outback and the thrill of the Great Barrier Reef to the buzz of Sydney, as well as the best beaches in the world. Australia is a large island, and visitors expecting to see the Sydney Opera House one night, and then meet Crocodile Dundee in Kakadu the next, will be in for a big surprise, and have to remember that they are not in Europe, where you can visit three countries before lunch.It's the sheer vastness of the country, and its Aboriginal Culture, its Koala's, Kangaroo's as well as the mix of the New World that makes this country so unique.Have a great time, while you checking out our site, and an even more enjoyable time while you are here.. If you are flying, have some food, watch some movies, and relax, and be ready to experienceoz"Australia," "It's worth the trip."
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  • is not bad but is not like albania
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