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Donald Burns: The Business Man

created by david6565 on 2015-10-11

Donald Burns: The Business Man
One thing that I can assure you of before you proceed to read the rest of this article is that Donald Burns is one of the business men that I respect today. He has managed to make it against all odds and regardless of the many challenges that have come his way. I know you are probably now thinking that I have a bit of bias, but his success has not only earned my respect, but also the respect of many other people out there. Perhaps you will believe me more if you got to learn a few of the things that other people have to say about Donald. Let us start with Daniel Borislow who happens to be the founder of magicJack, one of the leading telecommunication companies today. According to Daniel, Donald Burns is a proven winner and a good CEO. At the appointment of Donald as Chairman of magicJack, Daniel is quoted to have stated that he believes that Donald will be the best Chairman the company has ever seen and that he would be the best person to realise the company’s vast potential. There is no better confirmation than this that Donald is a top notch Chairman and CEO, and that he truly knows the telecommunications industry. Donald’s worth can also be seen in the many job profiles that he has held in various companies throughout his career. He has developed companies from the ground up and has managed to ensure that they continue to grow year after year with his innovative and explosive ideas. Under his leadership, many telecommunication companies have become popular in the industry, and many of them will admit to not having made it were it not for Donald Burns. From being one of the co-founders of the Tele Communications Group Inc. in July of 1993 to being the CEO of Mid Atlantic and Vocal Tec Communications, Donald has truly had a wonderful career. One thing that people need to understand is that success is not made overnight, but it is built with many years of hard work and this is probably one of the reasons why I admire Don so much. His career in telecommunications can be traced back to 1993, which goes to show how long he has been in the game and how determined he has been to become successful. It is only with hard work that Donald Burns has become the successful and wealthy man that we all admire and look up to. He is what I would call a positive contribution to society and a person whose career deserves much following. I am sure that despite all his success today, Donald is still working hard to ensure that he adds onto his already existing legacy Donald Burns
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