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created by tripwolf on 2017-05-29

We know that it’s not always possible to see everything that might be worth seeing when you are traveling. This is why the tripwolf team has put together its own list of “musts” for your trip to Verona. We hope you agree with our choices!
  • 1
    Fondazione Arena di Verona

    41 votes


    An enormous, spectacular Roman amphitheatre, crumbling on the outside but still in use today. It ...

  • 2
    Basilica of San Zeno

    7 votes


    A 10-minute walk NE of Castellvecchio. The church is dedicated to Verona's patron saint, Zeno, a ...

  • 3
    Casa di Giulietta

    32 votes


    Presented as the location of the famous balcony love scene from Shakespeare's ''Romeo and Juliet'...

  • 4
    Castelvecchio Museum

    8 votes

    Museum / Gallery

    A 14th-century, red brick, fortified castle on the banks of the river Adige. The main castle buil...

  • 5
    Arco dei Gavi

    3 votes


    The Arco dei Gavi is an ancient structure in Verona, northern Italy. It was built by the gens Gav...

  • 6
    Porta Borsari

    3 votes


    Porta Borsari is an ancient Roman gate in Verona, northern Italy.

  • 7
    Piazza dei Signori

    16 votes


    Piazza dei Signori is a city square in Verona, Italy.

  • 8
    Scaliger Tombs

    16 votes


    The Scaliger Tombs (Italian: Arche scaligere) is a group of five Gothic funerary monuments in Ver...

  • 9
    Piazza delle Erbe

    14 votes


    In ancient Verona, the central forum was located here. Even today the life of the city takes plac...

  • 10
    Verona Cathedral

    6 votes


    Was built to replace an 8th-century church which was destroyed in the earthquake of 1117. Consecr...

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