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For Budget-Minded Travelers

created by fahad on 2018-01-25

For Budget-Minded Travelers

Sure, this is the commercial capital of China, but this doesn't necessarily affect your finances on a Shanghai budget trip. Shanghai encapsulates the meteoric economic rise of the country as well as its cosmopolitan ambitions, but it also has a lot to offer in terms of a great cultural experience.

The Shanghai skyline is ubiquitous on postcards and newsprint, and the sight that stands out most prominently is the Oriental Pearl Tower. You cannot possibly miss it while walking along the Bund boardwalks. Another architectural marvel along the charming waterside promenade is the Jingmao Tower, a beautiful synthesis of eastern and western elements and a sight to behold. Enjoy a wonderful meal of seafood at Zhapu Lu.

Your Shanghai budget holiday is incomplete without a visit to People’s Square (once the famous sight of horse races), the city center which today houses Shanghai’s Grand Theater, Art Museum and a restful people’s park.

Within the modern facade of the city lay concealed a number of historic and religious retreats. Among them, one of the most striking is the Jade Buddha Temple. The temple is the sanctuary of the imposing Jade Buddha statue and one of the few active Buddhist monasteries. Visitors may eat a simple and sumptuous vegetarian meal at the restaurant on the complex for cheap.

Longhua temple, also known as the ‘Temple of the Dragon Flower’ is by far one of the most imposing sights of historical Shanghai. The tumultuous history of destruction of the temple and its original statues lends a sense of vulnerability to the chanting monks that grace the temple grounds. Wen Miao is another such sanctum of peace and tranquil in bustling Shanghai. Herein rests the temple of Confucius which dates back to the 13th century, but was placed in its current location in 1855. Even if you’re not religiously inclined, the gardens offer a delightful slice of paradise.

Within the Jewish ghetto of Shanghai lies another historical and architectural gem with an interesting and troubled history. The Ohel Moishe was built in 1927 by the Ashkenazi Jewish community of Shanghai, and upon the Japanese occupation of the city, the area descended into rapid decline. The synagogue, however, is well worth a visit.

Jesse restaurant is highly recommended by travelers for great affordable meals. Those searching for Western cuisine make their way to the famous Always Café (they serve Asian too!). Get a table at Lu Bo Lang for a feast of dim sum and other Shanghai delicacies. On your budget holiday to Shanghai, we recommend that you stay at the beautiful Anting Villa or City Hotel. Or else, enjoy river side views at the Captain Hostel.
  • 1
    Anting Villa Hotel

    1 votes


    Anting Villa Hotel is located in Shanghai, a 2-minute walk from Hengshan Road Metro Station. It f...

  • 2
    Captain Hostel

    2 votes


    Lying beside the Huangpu River, Captain Hostel is a 3-minute walk from the famous Shanghai Bund. ...

  • 4
    Zhapu Lu

    2 votes


  • 5
    Jesse Restaurant

    2 votes


    This restaurant is perennially crowded, and that is a great sign. It is a favorite among locals, ...

  • 6
    Lü Bo Lang

    1 votes


    This restaurant has the distinction of having played host to world leaders attending the APEX Sum...

  • 7
    Always Café

    1 votes


    Always Café has a loyal bunch of Shanghainese patrons, including almost everyone that steps throu...

  • 8
    The Bund

    43 votes


    The most beautiful waterfront promenade in the Far East. Take a stroll along Shanghai's riverside ...

  • 9
    Longhua Temple

    21 votes


    One of the city's less-visited temples for foreign visitors, but an important one and one of the ...

  • 10
    Jin Mao Tower

    15 votes


    This building has 88 floors (plus five in the spire) and reaches 420.5 metres (1,380 feet). The t...

  • 11
    Jade Buddha Temple

    13 votes


    With his wealth of figures and ornaments, he stood on the Cultural Revolution. One of China's few ...

  • 12
    Wen Miao, Shanghai

    3 votes


    Dating back to the 13th century, this temple tribute to Confucius was put in its current location...

  • 13
    People's Square

    17 votes

    Park / Zoo

    The new center of the city. The People's Square in Shanghai covers an impressive 140,000 feet of g...

  • 14
    Ohel Moishe Synagogue and Huoshan Park

    2 votes


    Ohel Moishe is a fascinating look into the history of the Ashkenazi Jewish community in Shanghai....

  • 15
    Oriental Pearl Tower

    22 votes


    Modern Chinese architecture at its best. In one of the world's most futuristic skylines, the Orien...

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