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For Budget-Minded Travelers

created by fahad on 2017-12-18

For Budget-Minded Travelers

Like most European cities, Zurich has preserved its medieval heritage in congruence with its modern lifestyle and architecture. The USP here is perfection, and like everything Swiss, Zurich is quite picture perfect. Your Zurich budget holiday will most certainly be one to remember.

Begin your foray into Zurich in the renowned Bahnhofstrasse. This long, tree lined shopping boulevard is dotted with small cafés and bistros, and is worth a stroll, even if you’re only window shopping and are traveling on a low budget. As the street veers towards the lake, make a stop at the beautiful Zentralhof courtyard to enjoy a coffee. Rosenhof is another delightful courtyard accessible via narrow alleyways where you can enjoy a pleasant evening or scour the market for curios.

Zurich's Kreis 5 or District 5 is home to some of the world’s biggest art galleries with the best in the business setting up shop here. While you’re probably not interested in buying if you’re traveling on a low budget, the formerly industrial neighborhood is still worth a look. While you’re here be sure to visit the Frauenmuensterkirche. Based in a former factory hall, it is renowned for the stunning high glass windows and rosette by Marc Chagall.

The Grossmuenster church in Zurich is associated with a legend that an integral part of the history of Zurich itself. Find out about Saints Felix and Regula, and be sure to include this sight in your Zurich budget itinerary. You can also climb up the towers of Grossmuenster for a panoramic view of the city. And, finally, Lake Zurich is a wonderful location to drink, dine, sail or simply relax.

And how could you make a trip to Switzerland without paying homage to the chocolate? Discover heavenly treats at Café Schober and Spruengli. Try an indulgent little breakfast at Spruengli Paradeplatz - you won’t regret it! For the perfect lunch, go to Tibits, which serves delicious vegetarian fare. For an evening out, we suggest the Italian style Wueste bar or the Oliver Twist Pub.

Some of the nicest Zurich budget hotels are Martahaus and Justinusheim. The City Backpacker Hotel Biber also offers basic accommodation for travelers with low-budget options. Zurich is well connected by the public transportation system, which is much more reasonable than taking cabs.
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    City Backpacker Hotel Biber

    1 votes


    Located in Zurich´s Old Town, just 300 metres from the Grossmünster, City Backpacker - Hostel Bib...

  • 2
    Hotel Marta

    1 votes


    Newly renovated in 2010, the Hotel Marta offers good-value rooms in the centre of Zürich, 5 minut...

  • 3
    Conditorei Péclard im Schober

    2 votes


  • 4

    2 votes


    Tibits is a very popular vegetarian restaurant, as is testified by the crowds out the door. They ...

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    15 votes


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    Oliver Twist Pub

    1 votes


    Oliver Twist is located in fashionable part of town and is quite an up market place. The heavy wo...

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    Bar Wüste

    2 votes


    Located underneath the Hotel Otter, they have plush red seats and a cowhide bar. It is a trendy l...

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    19 votes


    A visit to the cafe of the famous Confiserie Sprüngli is an essential component of any visit to Z...

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    48 votes

    Body of Water

    Under the bridge „Quaibrücke“, the Zürichsee turns into the river Limmat and makes its way throug...

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    With its distinctive two towers, Zurich's most famous landmark projects over the old city and the...

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    The term "Bahnhofstrasse" elicits clearly erroneous associations. Zurich's famous shopping street...

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    This church originally belonged to a monastery, donated by Louis the German (yes, that is how he ...

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