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A Nice Travel Guide to Budapest, Hungry!

created by MyBudapest on 2012-08-22

A Nice Travel Guide to Budapest, Hungry!

The Hungarian Capital is your destination, if you are looking to have some really nice time enjoying very vibrant nightlife, scenic beauty, mesmeric islands, charming churches, magnificent museums, sizzling spas, etc. Often known as "Paris of the East" and "Pearl of the Danube," Budapest is one of the most beautiful and coveted destinations of the central Europe.

Reasons For Visiting Budapest

Mixture of Old and Modern World

Budapest's charm lies in the many cultural influences that affected the city during its long history. The mixture of western capitalism that has been advancing relentlessly since the change of political systems and the after effects of the more than 40 years of communist era give Budapest a strange appeal.

Thermal Baths, Medicinal Waters You can bathe in turkish baths (Király Bath) enjoying the centuries old architecture but you also have the option to splurge in upscale spas (Gellért, Széchenyi or in the wide range of spa and wellness hotels (Danubius health Spa Resort Margitsziget, Royal Spa in the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal etc.

Affordable City

Budapest is still an inexpensive city compared to Prague or Vienna. Although prices has been continuously increasing since the mid-1990-ies you can still get more for your money than in the majority Western European cities especially with the Hungarian forint being so weak.

Wide Variety of Good-Value Accommodation

There are many hotels and other types of accommodation in Budapest offering lodging to every taste and budget. You can sleep in a lavish palace hotel like the New York Palace Boscolo Hotel, the Four Seasons Gresham Palace or in a contemporay boutique hotel.


Budapest's nightlife boasts a number of large, glitzy clubs, many on the outskirts of town, which are a haven for fashion-conscious house heads and high-rollers - and often attract big-name DJs from around the world. These venues are made for people watching - the women are breathtaking, but off-limits to all but the smoothest operators.


Shops, boutiques, markets abound in Budapest. The several shopping centres (Arena Plaza, WestEnd City Center, Campona) are great places to shop for designer clothes, electronics, books, jewelry, toiletries, small gifts, food stuff etc.

Operetta Theatre: Budapest, together with Paris and Wien, is well known for its operetta and musical. The Operetta Theatre is in VI district in Nagymezo 17.

Cinema in the West-End Centre: In this very big commercial centre, in VI district, there are many cinema starting very late in the night and sometimes with words.

Plenty of Restaurants, Tasty Local Food

There are countless restaurants, inns, fast food places, international eateries in Budapest. Although the quality varies widely the city has many restaurant where you can enjoy a pleasant meal. There are streets and neighbourhoods that specialize in the restaurant and cafe business: Liszt Ferenc Square, Ráday Street.

Winter Holiday

Unlike many other cities Budapest doesn't sleep in winter. The National Tourist Board's 3 for 2 or 4 for 3 nights in Budapest hotels winter campaign makes the Hungarian capital an even more appealing winter holiday destination. 

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