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Best Activities to Do in Budapest, Hungary!

created by MyBudapest on 2012-08-30

Best Activities to Do in Budapest, Hungary!

Budapest is a great blend of the east and the west and is the meeting point of central Europe. It was a major city to host many of the historic events of Europe. It is a place that promises growth for many businesses. The beautifully built city is a special delight for travel lovers.

The heritage sites of the city include Castle District, Andrassy, etc which has been recognized as heritage sites by the UNESCO. Fishermen's Bastion provides a good panoramic view of the city which is a must watch place. The city also provides a good shopping malls and been a favorite for shopaholics!

The flats and shops in the city are built quite close to each other. Budapest runs an underground continental railway. Budapest also has a museum of fine arts and it greatly encourages art and music. It is regarded as a favorite destination for fine arts lovers!

Boat cruise
Like we explained earlier, Budapest is split by a river called the Danube. So why not enjoy some of the sites of the city by taking a Budapest boat cruise with all your friends. We can assure that the sites and view of the city by boat is both a refreshing and exciting way for you to enjoy Hungary's capital. So buy some beers and grab your sunglasses because this is by far the most exciting way to sight see in this fine Hungarian capital.

Its Like Prague!
Many people will tell you that Budapest is just like Prague being crowded and overwhelmed by British stag groups. In reality Budapest is much larger and can easily absorb three or four times more visitors than Prague. What is more, while Prague has a tiny, compact central area, Budapest has a sprawling city center spread over more than 25 square miles.

Experience the Culture
Of course, by interacting with the locals, you will also get a chance to experience the culture while sightseeing in Budapest. In addition, by taking a walking tour, you can get closer to many of the buildings and sights that you may otherwise drive right past while on a bus tour.

Visit What You Want
Since taking a walking tour while sightseeing in Budapest allows you to move at your own pace, it also allows you to cut out certain attractions if you like.

Perhaps you are short on time and need to only visit the sights that are most intriguing to you. Or, maybe you simply don't have an interest in visiting places like the Budapest Zoo or the House of Hungarian Wines. When you take a walking tour, you can visit just the sights you are interested in rather than being stuck going on a pre-determined itinerary with a bus or group tour.

The Castle District
Budapest has historic sights and fine architecture at every corner. You can easily explore the top attractions during the Easter Weekend.
The Castle District in Buda offers magnificent views from the Fishermen's Bastion: the majestic Danube with the Chain Bridge (Széchenyi Lánchíd) and the impressive Budapest Parliament.

Vörösmarty Square and Váci Street
Walk down along the river on the Danube Promenade and turn onto Deák Street at the Vigadó Hall. The street takes you to Vörösmarty Square, the heart of Budapest. The white carrara statue of the famous 19th century poet, Mihály Vörösmarty, dominates the square. The prominent Gerbeaud Café flanks the side of the plaza. Sit in for a cup of fresh café with a slice of delicious Hungarian cake and absorb the traditional coffee house aura.

Budapest is a popular tourist destination, with millions of tourist’s visiting the city every year and this city plays host to a large number of festivals, events and conferences. If you are planning to visit Budapest, Book Your Hotels in Budapest. Please visit

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