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Experience City Breaks in Istanbul

created by Kendalljoanna on 2013-01-02

Experience City Breaks in Istanbul

Istanbul is the most populous as well as the largest city of Turkey and its cultural and monetary center. The city is bounded by the Sea of Marmara, the Golden Horn, the Bosporus Strait and the Black Sea and is connected extensively with sea ports.

The city has very mild summers with high percentage of humidity but winters are very cold, windy and snow is very often in the city during winter season. Between April-May and September-October the climate is usually moderate with temperature around 15-25 degrees and this is the best time for tourism in the city with respect to weather conditions.

Istanbul is not only a huge world city but it’s also very old. This blend results in an enormous amount of must –see sightseeing spots. Museums, mosques, churches, castles, archaeological sites, parks, bazaars or simply attractive towns, the city has it all. Sometimes, it turns out to be a a disadvantage for some tourists as they have to make choices of what to see and what not, where to go and where not.

Istanbul can simply be a shopping pageant for many tourists. To shop in Istanbul ranging from the luxurious to cheap, from name brand to street fashion, there are many places to visit without fatiguing yourself too much. If you want to shop and see sights of Istanbul, then you shall visit Istiklal street at Beyoglu. Trouble-free shopping, chronological sights, Nice cafes and street trend will never tire you here.

It is the city with many faces when it comes to nightlife. There’s the extravagant Istanbul of the Bosphorus nightclubs, where rich young Turks dressed to the nines pull up to valet park their luxury cars or private yachts. Any route you choose to go in late evenings you will be finding entertainment and sizzling nightlife activities.

Economically Istanbul is a very strong city as it has a very high bang in the overall Turkish economy. It is very rich in producing cotton, tobacco, silk and many other products. The city also plays an important role in the field of education as it has a number of private and public institutions having high reputation in world. The city has almost 20 universities which specializes students in various fields. Public sector institutions are preferred more in the city because of their good results and reputation.

Istanbul is one of the most important tourism spots not only in Turkey but also in the world. There are thousands of hotels and other tourist-oriented industries in the city, serving to both vacationers and visiting professionals.

I am Kendall Joanna, a Travel Journalist by profession. A few days, I have been to the astonishing city of Istanbul in Turkey. I booked my Istanbul holidays through MyIstanbul.co.uk. Whenever you plan your City Breaks in Istanbul then I would recommend you to book it with http://www.myistanbul.co.uk/
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