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Experience Budapest City Breaks - Budapest Tourism

created by guest on 2013-01-03

Experience Budapest City Breaks - Budapest Tourism

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. With a unique, youthful atmosphere. Budapest is one of Europe's most delightful and enjoyable cities. Most of Budapest's famous sights are concentrated on Castle Hill.

The Royal Palace 

This was the residence of Hungarian kings in Budapest. Inside the Royal Palace about 200 m long series of Baroque-style rooms await the visitor. We can wander through these elegant halls: the Ballroom, St. Sigismund Chapel, Palatinal Crypt, Great Ballroom, Main Staircase and the Habsburg Room.

National Gallery 

Its collections cover Hungarian art in all genres, including the many nineteenth- and twentieth-century Hungarian artists who worked in Paris and other locations in the West. he National Gallery was created in 1957 with the aim to have a separate museum dedicated to the history of visual arts in Hungary.

Retro gardens

Ruinpubs often move to a new place, or close for some years, then open in a new place again. They are are not only good places to drink and have a party but also function as cultural community areas with film clubs, theatre performances, concerts, exhibitions, and creative workshops, too.

Statue Park

This is a unique outdoor museum displaying the politically incorrect statues from the Communist era. In 1993, 42 monuments were moved here from their positions in the city. The Statue Park in Hungary is a vast dumping ground for those gigantic communist sculptures, monuments, bods, etc symbolizing the "grandeur" of the Communist age.

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