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Jumeirah Mosque

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  • Eine der wenigen Moscheen, in die auch Nicht-Muslime hinein dürfen. Es gibt Führungen mit (meist weiblichen) Volunteers, die einem die Religion näher bringen. Sehr interessant!
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  • I am taking my wife and my daughter in few weeks, and this is where I will go and escape from the delights of this world and contemplate on the bliss of the hereafter. Just want to remind all my non-Muslim bretheren, that crime and fanaticsm is the monopoly of any community including Islam. I can boast, that Muslim as a whole, are some of the most hospitable people on earth, we have the lowest alcoholism, lowest domestic violence, lowest gambling, lowest binge drinking, lowest suicide rate, and highest charity rate. Allah knows best. Peace be upon all.
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