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Triveni Ghat

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  • Triveni ghat is a holy sacred place situated at hrishikesh.One of the most miracle thing to see at this ghat is to see the one and only lord shivas statue which isnt just a carved made thing but has been said onece in the way back lord shiva himself came to triveni ghat for a purpose to bless and calm the souls where every human body use to burn the reason so that the visitors are not harmed by any curse.Today this ghat has become the most holy and a prominent place wherein everybody who comes here has a dip at river ganga which is also connected to it and is believed that the one who takes a dip in this holy river his/her soul becomes pure,whatever sins commited by a person is been forgiven.If you want to calm yourself and attain happiness the aarti which takes place during when the sunsets shall be attained by you it truelly gives a unique feeling and makes us know many things what we shall do ahead in life.You could also see many shiv lings in various structures since many many years old when there were no humans born.Last thing to say if you really want to sense that god is present around you so its a must to get your self there and feel its love and blessings.
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