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Parque nacional del Gran Cañón

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  • im GCNP ist auf jeden Fall der North Rim die von der Natur her schönere und ruhigere Seite. Wer Ruhe und Entspannung scht ist hier genau richtig. Der südliche Teil ist wesentlich mehr vom Tourismus erschlossen und wartet mit mehr Trubel auf.
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  • The West rim of the Grand Canyon was breathtaking but the people at best las vegas tours tainted our experience. They took my negative review off their website, they only put positive reviews that don't tell consumers the truth. These people are con men. The helicopter ride was about eight minutes both ways. The pontoon boat cruise was 18 mins (I timed it) so basically you are paying an additional $150 per person for 26 mins (the bus alone was $150) but even that wouldn't have been worthed. The quality of lunch was poor. There were too many switches of buses eating up time such that we had to rush through our day to make it back on time to go back to Vegas. On the bus ride my party of eight were at the front of the line so we got to pick our seats and my dad and cousin each sat by the window. My cousin was rudely told to move to sit with my dad so that a married white couple could sit together, this was not a request it was a demand. There were no reserved seats, it should be first come first served. The tour operator had a shouting match with my dad (my dad was already angry that they had deceived us about pricing and wrongly booked our tour) and threatened to call the police and remove my dad from the bus because he refused to move. My dad never did anything antisocial or use swear words, he was simply standing up for his rights. I have never seen such an outright form of discrimination towards my family in my life. He had ruined eight people's experience of the Grand Canyon. Horrible customer service and poorly constructed tour.
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  • The place for hikers, or people who just want to get stunned by the scenery. You could stay a year,and still haven't seen it all. For me, a great excuse to go back every year. Definitly a must see.
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