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  • ...well...Ufa is very nice town. Soviet style, but fine.There are very kind and friendly people live in Ufa. But there is a problem - nobody speak English (and Italian too %) I had lived and worked there 3 weeks, and I met some very nice guys, who helped me to feel myself there like at home. First of all, it was my 3rd trip to Ufa, so I knew some things about the city. 2 times I stayed at Ufa hotels, but last time I decided to find an Ufa apartment. I found out one company on Internet - Lime-Tour(what interesting this company is the only company who works with foreigners in Ufa, it has English-speaking manager Regina. She was really kind to me and tried to help me in all my problems while I was in Ufa). I understood one important thing - if you want your trip to Ufa goes smoothly find very nice guide who could help you. As for that company I rented one very nice Ufa apartment (western style) in the center of the city, it was fully equipped by all stuff. It was not expansive, and of course better then a hotel room. Regina helped me to know the city better. We had 3 excursions around Ufa - Ufa walking excursion, Ufa tour by car and one "Nightlife in Ufa" excursion (I liked it more then others), because we went out ... to a restaurant, then to several nightclubs. It was really fine idea. She introduced me to her friends and it was like I were at home with my own friends. All of them were really hospitable and friendly. I hope that Regina's business will be fine cuz it's really useful for foreigners in Ufa.
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